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Who we are

Created through the vision and philanthropy of Bill Taylor AO in 1990

FDC’s mission

 The Foundation for Development Corporation’s (FDC) mission is to harness and leverage the collective skills, knowledge and resources of organisations from across the public, private, community and academic sectors to reduce the incidence of poverty and promote equitable growth in the Asia Pacific region.


FDC achieves this by researching, piloting and promoting development initiatives that are market-based and innovative. Over the past three decades it has built a reputation as an organisation that – through collaboration across its regional networks – advances new ideas and approaches to building prosperity in developing economies.

Working closely

By working closely with governments, leading development institutions, non-government organisations and the business community, FDC initiatives pave the way for enterprise and prosperity to flourish in the region. 

FDC initiatives

FDC advocates for engagement by the broader Australian community in the ongoing development of our region.

Policy leadership

While financial regulation generally aims to protect people with access to the formal banking industry, FDC has consistently placed a high priority on promoting policy and regulatory environments that support development outcomes including access to and use of responsible financial products and services at the grassroots level, including the informal economy.

Innovation & research

From its inception, FDC has sought to bring fresh thinking and new approaches to reducing poverty and fostering prosperity in the Pacific and Asia.

Forums & conferences

Encouraging cooperation and cross-sector collaboration is central to FDC’s work. Since 1990 FDC has convened and co-hosted numerous regional forums and events on microfinance, energy, regional cooperation, financing development, financial inclusion, and information and communication technology for development.

Cross-sector collaboration

FDC was founded on the core belief that a multi-sector collaborative process is the best approach to achieving effective development. That means stakeholders from different sectors bringing together resources and capabilities to identify issues and opportunities and drive sustainable outcomes.

News and updates

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FDC has produced a range of books, articles, papers and other resources since it began in 1990

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